Deep Purple Perch

Friends help friends. My buddy Keino has just finished a really classy chop for another good friend of ours, Wes. The vibe of the bike is over-the-top, 70's, freak show, crazy. And Wes is the perfect man to be sitting in that saddle. Keino made a nice, King and Queen seat pan for it and Wes knew he wanted diamond stitched black leather. I decided to do the diamonds in increasing size to fit the shape, and when I got to the front, I blew out a pin-stripe style devil with a forked tongue in stitching. I think it works and Wes loves him some devils...
This bike along with my Sword of Damocles and many more will be at the Brooklyn Invitational Bike show this weekend. Come check it out...


  1. awesome 70 ties vibe, with that great PCI twist, again over the top. L&R MBL

  2. That seat is Dynamite!!! What kind of sewing-machine do you have?