My Double-front Panhead set up

These are some shots of what I did to set up the double-front Panheads for the Sword of Damocles engine. On the "rear" head, I relocated the exhaust port to the left so it would clear the front head. I welded up the old tract and re-ported the head to flow out the new exhaust manifold. For the intakes, I built the manifolds onto the heads with flanges for the carbs. I had to make the aluminum elbows from straight tube then machine flanges and weld it all up and blend it out. Inside and out. Runs great.

Minerva cleaver

I just finished this meat cleaver for a friend that's opening a new cafe' in Manhattan. I ground the blade from A-2 tool steel and the handle is oak, treated with Butcher's wax. The oak for the handle came my friend Eric, who had saved pieces of the floor of the California house he grew up in. The blade was hardened to 58 Rockwell and double tempered, then I engraved the name of the cafe in the blade.

Tank construction for Sword of Damocles.

After making the tunnel and bottom of the tank, I welded in the stand pipes and fittings for the oil section. Then, with the oil tank section welded to the fuel tank bottom, I welded in the neck for the oil tank to exit through the top of the fuel tank. I hammered and shaped the side and top panels, then built them up around the oil tank to create a fuel section. You can see the oil filler neck coming through behind the fuel filler neck. The scalloped cut aways in the sides are polished stainless.