Cash Pig

My little Brooklyn Forge


Godspeed and The Glory Bound!

Good friends creating amazing photography about our world. Come out and see for yourself. Not to be missed


Gallery Show Friday night

I have a few knives being shown in a group show at Fitzgerald Jewelry tomorrow night. Stop by for a beer and check out everyone's work.


Seat for Boneshaker

Woven Kangaroo hide, Bottega style....


Boneshaker Shovel...

Home stretch for the Morris magneto driven 1973 Shovel I'm building for the Boneshaker #206. All new Hi-Po from the inside out.


Back in the Bowl

Damian back in it's fish bowl on 3rd Ave, NYC. Got a good ride in today first, and gave it a thrashing. I love this bike.


In Brooklyn this weekend...

This is one of the greatest events I've been fortunate enough to be involved with. An amazing group of interesting and talented people coming together to appreciate Choppers, music, art and each other. Hope to see you there.



8 years ago today, we lost Larry. A great friend and inspiration, not a day goes by that he doesn't continue to touch my life. If there was ever an example of someone "pulling themselves up by their boot straps", over and over again, he was it. Through many highs and many lows, Larry could always regain focus, find his center and find his way. I'm glad, at least, that he had finally achieved the happiness he was searching for before he had to go. He had an often wacky and conversley, a sometimes violent exterior, but beneath it all was a quiet wisdom that I always loved and admired. You had to look for it. You had to wait for it. But it would affect you without realizing it. I think many of you know what I mean. Larry was complicated and special. I'll always miss you my friend....


Two Wheels Brazil....

Paulo and the Boys of Brazil are putting on another great event this year. It's coming up soon and I can't wait. Gonna be great!


American Iron feature

Here's a shot of my new cover feature in American Iron magazine. It's of a bike I named Damian that I built for the CEO of "Kiehl's 1851" here in NYC. Right when I finished it, we did a 500 mile break-in ride together from Vegas through the desert and up the coast to LA, that will be covered in a later issue...


Tail of the Dragon...

A couple weeks ago, I was invited to participate in Liferide 2012. This is a yearly charity ride put on by Kiehl's of New York City to raise money for Amfar, an organization that supports Aids and HIV research. By the end of the ride, a check for $115,000 was presented to the charity. This year, the ride was an 1,800 mile route starting in Miami and winding West into Tennessee and ending up in D.C. One of the many highlights was a beautiful section of mountain road called Tail of the Dragon. We took a longer route and had over 40 minutes of constant cornering. The last time I road this stretch of twisting pavement was in 2004, in the opposite direction, on my way to North Carolina with my friend Larry. It would be the last ride we had together...
 This is a short clip I made with music by Aes Dana.