Tail of the Dragon...

A couple weeks ago, I was invited to participate in Liferide 2012. This is a yearly charity ride put on by Kiehl's of New York City to raise money for Amfar, an organization that supports Aids and HIV research. By the end of the ride, a check for $115,000 was presented to the charity. This year, the ride was an 1,800 mile route starting in Miami and winding West into Tennessee and ending up in D.C. One of the many highlights was a beautiful section of mountain road called Tail of the Dragon. We took a longer route and had over 40 minutes of constant cornering. The last time I road this stretch of twisting pavement was in 2004, in the opposite direction, on my way to North Carolina with my friend Larry. It would be the last ride we had together...
 This is a short clip I made with music by Aes Dana.


  1. could be switzerland, this is standart over here, you should come over and get some more cornering. L&R

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    1. :-) anytime there`s a place for you and yours over here.